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Alchemical Theatre Company

Alchemical Theatre Company was founded by Producing Artistic Director, Christopher Marino and an ensemble professional actors who are devoted to making the work of Shakespeare both visceral and human. Marino's credits include serving as faculty at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington DC and serving as the former Artistic Director of the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival.


Marino’s vision and concept is striking, creative, fascinating, and clearly of the necessary moment. That he brings it to life in such a vibrant manner is a credit not only to him but to the entire talented cast he assembled... an experience that blurs the lines between art and life to ask deeper questions we avoid."

- Gwenyfar Rohler, Encore

“The alchemy Alchemical Theatre Company has truly turned the stage to gold and illuminates the magic of theatre. They craft a show for theatre lovers, music lovers, Shakespeare lovers, and generally anyone who loves to see the arts executed cleanly and precisely.”

 - Aaron Hunt, New City Stage

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  "Action is eloquence."
—Volumnia in Coriolanus